How to Set up Norton Antivirus 2010 upon a Computer? Really it is easy when you follow the guidance that are in the activation email that you received. As you installed the application it designed an account activation email with all the instructions on how to install the application. You just need to to follow every one of the instructions but it will surely be installed on your computer effectively.

How to Set up Norton Antivirus security software 2010 upon a Glass windows 10 Program? First you need to connect to the net. Once you get attached to the Internet click on the “Downloads & Install” icon on the left bar, or perhaps if you were given to a Our site download site you will need to click there. Upon having chosen a download record you will need to drive to the “Downloads” section and choose where you want to get started.

If you cannot check out any option for selecting a download option in the downloads and install Norton antivirus webpage it means that your os does not have the ability to install this kind of software. The next step is to connect into a good reliable connection to the net (cable, DSL, etc . ) and follow all of the steps required just for this process, this should include the installation of the software.


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